Zefi Nikolaou, MA, CFE, CFSE

Zefi Nikolaou, MA, CFE, CFSE

Communication Consultant, Ethics & Compliance Senior Expert, Secretary General of the Association of Compliance Officers in Greece (ASCO Greece)

Zafiro (Zefi) Nikolaou began her career in 1986 in the Ministry of Finance and in 1989 was hired in the National Mortgage Bank of Greece, where she worked in important administration departments. Ιn 1999 (since the merger of the former NMBG with NBG) she joined NBG and for many years she served as senior manager at the loans sector in the Branch Network, where she obtained extensive experience on financial and credit matters. Since 2011, and always from senior positions, she has dealt with crucial compliance and anti-money laundering issues in NBG Group Compliance Divisions.

In parallel, in the past, she worked as a journalist (political and cultural issues) in newspapers and other media.

She has studied Journalism, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in European Civilization (HOU) and a Master’s Degree in Journalism-Communication, specialized in Corporate Communication (OUC).

She is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and holds Certifications in Customer Service Management (CFSE), Compliance (UoA), and Anti-Money Laundering (UoA).

She holds the position of Secretary General of the Association of Compliance Officers in Greece (ASCO-Greece). Also, she is a member of BoD of the National Bank Employees' Association (SEET). She remains an active member of the Transparency International-Greece (TI-Greece), having served as Secretary General of the previous BoD of the organization. Additionally, she is a member of the international professional institute Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) and a member of the Hellenic Academy of Marketing (GMA).

She teaches and speaks publicly on good governance, anti-corruption and business ethics issues.

In pursuit of treasures for her soul, she visits Museums, Galleries and attends Theatrical performances, while she participates and in several actions/projects with a positive social impact.