Selini Papanelopoulou

Selini Papanelopoulou

Insights and Strategy Director, Global Link

Selini is an Insights and Strategy Consultant with 9 years’ experience working in insight and strategy. She specialises in leading mix-methodology research studies including focus groups, online communities, in-depth interviews, deliberative and co-creative workshops, and ethnography. She is an expert in interviewing a range of different audiences including industry experts, business leaders, internal stakeholders, and MPs.

Selini has extensive experience in conducting research on a variety of topics, including exploring the dynamic of initiatives looking into sustainability and social impact. Her most recent work on relevant topics included investigating the potential impact of a UK water company’s social value plans focusing on improving biodiversity and enhancing the environment, providing support to customers who are struggling financially or might need additional support due to health vulnerabilities/disabilities, as well as reinforcing the efforts of local communities and charitable organisations.

Global Link research: ESG trends in Greece

Global Link conducted for the purposes of the 3rd Athens ESG Forum a holistic research program comprising qualitative and quantitative phases. Areas covered include:

  • Familiarity with ESG
    • Relative importance of each of the three pillars
    • Role of consultants
    • Awareness of CSRD
  • Supplier compliance expectations
  • Customers’ motivations and behavior; Product categories supporting a price premium
  • Sources of information and communication methods
  • Measurement / Reporting
  • The future of ESG
    • Investment trends
    • Barriers and opportunities in adopting ESG

The findings shed light on previously unexplored areas and provide valuable information based on companies of different size, nationality, operating in different sectors.