Pantelis Spagis, CFA in ESG Investing

Pantelis Spagis, CFA in ESG Investing

Head of Sustainability, SKY express

With a profound passion for environmental responsibility and sustainable aviation, Pantelis leads SKY express’ commitment to creating shared value by recognizing the interdependency between business success and social progress. As the Head of Sustainability, he is actively engaging with the European Regions Airline Association (ERA) of which SKY express is a valued member, contributing insights and expertise to discussions and initiatives that shape the future of regional aviation. Previously, Pantelis has had the privilege to work and study in 6 countries on 3 continents holding advisory positions within the Greek Government and managerial positions in the Gulf region. A graduate of London School of Economics and Athens University of Economics and Business, he is currently conducting academic research on the future of the public policy-making process through the application of design thinking and innovative technological solutions.

Building a Sustainable Future: Nurturing the Seeds of Change

1. Introduction
The importance of sustainability in the aviation industry and SKY’s role in driving positive change.
Highlight the urgent need to address environmental, social, and economic challenges to ensure a sustainable future.

2. SKY’s commitment to Sustainability
SKY's commitment to sustainability and its vision for a greener and more responsible aviation sector.

3. Environmental Stewardship
SKY's efforts to reduce its environmental footprint, such as investing in fuel-efficient aircraft and implementing operational efficiencies.
Highlight initiatives to minimize carbon emissions.

4. Social Responsibility
SKY’s initiatives to enhance social responsibility, such as philanthropic activities, and partnerships with local organizations.
SKY’s efforts to improve passenger experience, i.e. customer well-being.

5. Sustainable Operations
SKY’s commitment to sustainable operations, including waste reduction.
Measures taken to minimize noise pollution and mitigate the impact of aviation activities on local communities.

6. Collaboration and Innovation
Partnerships and collaborations with industry stakeholders, governments, and NGOs to drive sustainable aviation initiatives.
Innovative practices and technologies adopted by SKY to promote sustainability and digital solutions for improved efficiency.

7. Engaging Employees and Customers
The importance of employee engagement in driving sustainability initiatives and fostering a culture of responsibility and innovation.
Strategies to educate and involve customers in sustainable travel choices, such as carbon offset programs, eco-friendly travel options, and environmental awareness campaigns.