Dr. Karsten Machholz

Dr. Karsten Machholz

SCM & Strategic Procurement Professor, Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt

Prof. Dr. Machholz has gained more than 25 years of leadership experience in various positions and countries in the Chemical, Consulting, Pharma and Biotech industry, recently as a Member of the Board. Today, he is teaching Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Sustainability at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg Schweinfurt. Besides this, he shares his broad experiences in different Advisory Boards as Scientific Advisor for various Start-Ups in the Procurement and SCM arena. He is a founding member of the sustainable procurement pledge (SPP) and drives forward ESG initiatives in the private and public sector (e.g. clinics/hospitals).

A guideline for SMEs to navigate through ESG, to secure competitiveness and access to capital

Is Sustainability really the “New Kid on the block”? How do investors, regulators and customers see this issue? What are the 8 major supply chains for CO2 emissions and “what the hell” are scope 1,2 and 3 emissions?

Why is it profitable to invest in ESG and how do companies pave their way towards a more sustainable future, e.g. by calculating internal carbon taxes or helping their suppliers to calculate their individual baselines.

And first and foremost: A quick hands-on beginners guide for SMEs to survive in this jungle of regulations with lots of practical examples.

I am looking forward to having solution-oriented discussions, independent if you are producing goods, providing services, financing industries or if you are in the public domain.