ESG Integration Transforming Core Business Strategy

“Turning Sustainability into Competitive Advantage”

Jeremy Schwartz, Chairman, Kantar’s Sustainability Transformation Practice
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“Executives’ Perception on ESG: Past Present and Future”

Dimitris Sigalos, Development Director, Global Link
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“Skepticism persists: Can the ESG transition truly occur? Transforming Compliance into Competitive Advantage with Synesgy”

Simone Rampichini, ESG Director, CRIF
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“Why good architecture is an ESG opportunity”

Alex Ely, Founding Director, Mae Architects
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“How much do you really want to chart a Sustainability pathway to Market Leadership?”

Peter Hajipieris, Chief Sustainability Solutions Officer, Real Sustainability Solutions™ UK
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“Navigating ESRS Data management & Reporting: A practical guide and how AI can help”

Panos Mitsios, Chief Operations Officer, Tekmon
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“The role of ESG Ratings in shaping sustainable operations and financial instruments”

Vangelis Grapsas, ESG Ratings Senior Analyst, Sustainable Fitch
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“Substantiating Sustainability: A Business Case of genuine ESG and SFDR Compliance in Green Investment”

Dr. Evangelia Louropoulou, Vice President, Head of Climate change Risk Analytics practice, E-ON INTEGRATION S.A.
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“Climate change risks and opportunities for corporates”

Ifigeneia Koutiva, PhD, Senior Manager, Climate, nature and water services, EY
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“Sustainable Supply Chain – An End-to-End approach”

George Papasteriadis, Senior Manager, Sustainable Supply Chain & Operations, EY
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“Building Responsible Value Chains”

Michael Spanos, Managing Director, Global Sustain
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“CS3D: Focusing on Due Diligence”

Zefi Nikolaou, MA, CFE, CFSE, Communication Consultant, Ethics & Compliance Senior Expert / Secretary General of the Association of Compliance Officers in Greece (ASCO Greece)
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“Transformation towards Sustainable Lifestyles”

Anita Knezović, Managing Director, ESG Point
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