The Emerging Landscape of Sustainable Finance

“Reshaping the European Fund Landscape”

Hortense Bioy, Global Director Of Sustainability Research, Morningstar
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“Research: How investors are building SFDR-aligned Sustainable Products”

Michael Spanos, Managing Director, Global Sustain Group
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“Financing the transition to transform Finance”

Elli Siapkidou, Financial System Research Lead, World Benchmarking Alliance
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“Integrating ESG in Banking: Tactical & Strategic aspects”

Orestis Chontoulidis, Associate Partner, Financial Services Risk Management, EY Greece
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“ESG Investing, you can do good and do well”

Panos Seretis, Head Of ESG, Sustainable Finance Emea, Bank Of America Merrill Lynch
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“Financing and ESG: Challenges and Opportunities”

Constantinos Calogirou, Enterprises Business Unit Leader, Planet
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“ESG more critical than ever in M&A: A global perspective”

Anestis Dimopoulos, Director, Head Of Regional Digital And Risk Advisory Services, Baker Tilly
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“The Emphasis on the G: Board of Directors in Greece”

Dr. Dimitrios Koufopoulos, Founder & Director, Hellenic Observatory Of Corp. Governance
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“Multi-criteria for assessment of Social Responsible Investing”

Constantin Zopounidis, Professor, Technical University Of Crete And Audencia Business School

Marianna Eskantar, Doctoral Candidate, Financial Engineering Laboratory, Technical University Of Crete
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“The evolution of ESG & Sustainability reporting”

Katerina Katsouli, Board Member, Global Compact Network Hellas / ESG & Sustainability Director, Grant Thornton Greece
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“Α UN Awarded Social Enterprise that Works towards a Sustainable Future”

Melina Taprantzi, Founder, Wise Greece
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“Socially Responsible Investing can be Profitable”

Onic Palandjian, Partner, Group RMC
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